How to Appreciate Your Time Home Before Leaving On Your Big Trip

A spider man birthday balloon next to a "We'll miss you" balloon

I had to regretfully inform my Mother that Spider Man is no longer my favorite super hero. Honesty is the best policy in these sorts of situations

“There’s no place like home.” – Dorothy, The Wizard of Oz

I am so glad that I took the last couple of weeks to hang out with friends and family before embarking on this trip. I have not spent this much time at home since I left for college back in 2001, over 10 years ago.

The time with family and friends has been awesome. So great, in fact, that I can feel myself becoming comfortable here, complacent. I like my room and my routine. I like having my friends and family around. I like the Santa Maria style tri-tip. I’m excited to leave but I can feel this gravitational pull towards comfort and this little voice in the back of my head telling me not to go, that I could be comfortable and happy here forever. But that is not what my life is about. My life is not about sitting around being comfortable. Even being home I could not sit still for more than a couple of days – I took a trip down to San Diego, took trips up to SLO, met some new people, went surfing, saw the whales in Avila Bay, played golf, went to an airshow, had dinner with family and friends and in general, enjoyed myself immensely.

Before embarking on a trip like this it’s great to take some time with the people that matter most. Throw a party and celebrate the work you have done to get this far. Reach out to people that you don’t normally get to spend time with and make it a point to meet up. You’ll be gone for quite some time, probably longer than you’ve ever been gone before and it’s good to share your time and your newfound freedom with people you care about. I noticed that I, and the people I visited, have been far more engaged in the moment as we spent time together. It was as if the impending trip and my inevitable absence put a slight pressure on our relationship to dig just a bit deeper – to squeeze a little more feeling and a little more ‘realness’ out of our interactions. It’s wonderful.

So today I am leaving home, headed down to visit my brother for a couple of days before I fly from Ontario to Boise, Idaho then on to San Francisco before leaving the US. So I’m excitedly packing my bag for real this time, nervous to get started on this trip, reminiscing about all the great conversations recently and thinking about how much I’m going to miss the amazing people in my life. I must extend a special thanks to my wonderful parents and all my friends down in San Diego that made my 30th birthday the best one yet. Thanks again.

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Thanks for reading!

  • Auntie Vi

    I”m already missing you buddy. Have a wonderful adventure! Love you.

  • holley

    …so who is your favorite superhero if it is no longer Spider Man?

    • Brandon

      Batman! no doubt 🙂