The Greatest Time To Be Alive

Me doing a backflip off the High Dive in a pool at the base of a mountain in the Austrian Alps


I feel so thankful to be alive at this point in history. Never has the individual had such freedoms and such opportunities for wealth. Never in the history of man have the basic necessities of so many people been met and pushed aside as stumbling blocks towards higher thought. We are on the cusp – the leading edge of history and for once we are able to sit back and observe and appreciate our place in it without the constant distractions of hunger, thirst and shelter to occupy our minds.

For those people blessed to be born in this era, times have truly never been better. The individual today has access to luxuries that kings only a century ago could not dream of. Many people will own their own homes, cars, computers, cell phones, flat screen TVs and Easy Bake Ovens. Some will travel the world on airplanes. Some will watch the 2014 World Cup live and in 3D from all over the world. And the rate of change across many complementary industries is exponential – Moore’s law still holds true. In our lifetimes we will see advances in robotics, nano technology and genomics that will blow our collective minds and afterwards will be as ubiquitous as running water. We stand here today at the edge of time blasting into the future together and although we do not wear the pointed hat and carry the staff of Merlin we are all magicians wielding the power of energy and information to communicate, create and connect. It is a wonderful time and I am thankful for every breath and I do not want to waste a moment of what may be a finite existence on this beautiful self sustaining spaceship we call Earth. So hug your chil’ren and tell them everything is going to be all right – we’re all in it together and we will figure this out.

  • theFIREstarter

    Hey Brandon, not sure if you still check the blog but I am liking reading all the back catalog of travel and thought provoking posts.

    Did a bit of travelling myself round South America 5 years ago and it was without doubt the best thing I ever did in my life. Shame it only lasted 4 months! I never had your life re-engineered outlook back then which is a shame because now I’ve kinda learnt it. Bit too old to go wandering again now, so will be applying the simple lifestyle more locally. Still all good as far as I am concerned… it’s amazing what is on your doorstep when you have the time to stop and look around.

    Like your optimistic vibe as well in this post. We have a lot of challenges to work through but if we can all pull together as a world wide community, I see no reason why the future should not be rosier than ever.


    • Brandon Cronan

      I’m still checking the blog fire starter… it’s kind of on hold as I work my full time gig saving money for the next trip and next chance to really work on the blog. Stay tuned. Glad you’re enjoying it and that you got a chance to travel to SA! It’s a great part of the world!

      • theFIREstarter

        Glad to hear it! Would be great to see a post on the rough plans for your next trip if you aren’t too busy working and stashing 🙂

  • Felipe

    Wonderful post. I enjoy the co-collaborative component you introduce at the end.

    So true, yet so forgotten in today’s hyperconsumerist culture.

    Que disfrutas sus viajes.