Whats to Love About Photography?

Me taking a picture of someone taking a picture of me.

Me taking a picture of someone taking a picture of me.

I think we take for granted our sense of shared reality. The fact that two people sitting in the car together, with the windows down, will generally agree as to what passes their vision, how the wind feels on their skin, what smells are in the air, and which song is playing on the radio is mind blowing. They may even look into each others eyes and without saying a thing, experience a shared joyful emotion.

How is this possible? How do independent pairs of eyes wired to separate brains in separate bodies agree to so much about the world? And is anyone else amazed that all 6.8 billion people around the world seem to agree with the fundamental perceptions of reality – that time moves forward, that causes have effects? And that every person alive shares in this exact moment together. Moment by moment, if I were there and you were here, we’d experience reality the same.

Photography is a way to document these moments, to capture and share how one person is experiencing the world. Photography gives the photographer a chance to put his or her artistic spin on reality and, in sharing, to connect with others, expanding the experience of all.

So take good pictures! And remember to share.