• Pazu Kong

    I read through the whole article, and I may buy some merino wool stuff and the Kikkerland Universal Travel Adapter.

    • Brandon Cronan

      Great! that kikkerland adapter is awesome.

  • Joseph

    Thanks for sharing this! Very helpful (I liked e.g. the note re: socks & durability).
    was a bit misled by your title, tho — when I read, “How to Travel with
    Less Stuff than Gandhi…”, I interpreted that as sleeping/camping

  • Will

    Haha, awesome blog post. My wife and I travel a bit like this, though not as minimalist. We recently came back from Vietnam and Cambodia on carry-on backpacks only (we also did our honeymoon to Morocco, Spain and Portugal in the same way) and will consider reducing the size going forward… crazy to think that most people thought we were nuts to travel so light, but it really can be done when you plan ahead.

    One thought: I am very confused about the jambox… can’t see what purpose it really serves, particularly since you already carry the great headphones. Does it score points with the ladies when/if you’re trying to create a dance party in the hostel?

    Anyways, just wondering if I’m missing something here. I would seriously consider substituting that out in exchange for an extra pair of shorts, a collared shirt (to impress the Colombian ladies) or even a second pair of pants.

    Best of luck, and keep posting!



    • Brandon Cronan

      Will, I’m glad you dig the post. It’s funny, I’d probably give up one of my t-shirts before I gave up the Jambox. I use it everyday. It’s great any time you’re with a group of friends on the beach or in a park and you want to listen to some tunes. Yes it scores points with the ladies, especially if you want some nice ambient music at night or if you want to listen to a book on tape as you fall asleep.

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