How to Fly For Free, Anywhere, Anytime – The LR Guide to Frequent Flyer Miles

A smiling child, sitting on a banana leaf, with his mother laughing in the background.

I hope you get to meet more happy kids like this one in your travels!

Last year about this time I had just quit my job, sold almost all of my things, packed my 19 liter bag and left the country to travel around South America for six months with a loose agenda which included things to do like “learn to scuba dive”, “sail through the San Blas Islands”, “go to Carnival” and “see Machu Picchu”.

When I tell people about my trip the most common question they ask is:

“How’d you do it?”

That question could be interpreted many different ways but what I think people are most curious about is “how did you pay for it?”

There’s no real secret. I cut costs before the trip, worked hard, saved a bunch of money, sold all my stuff and built a huge stash of frequent flyer miles.

Understanding the frequent flyer mile system and the credit card bonus rewards available to consumers was by far the #1 travel hack that I came across. This single hack extended the money I had budgeted for my trip by months. After 7 months of Central and South American travel, upon returning home I still had 80,000 US Airways miles. I couldn’t rest with that kind of freedom in my pocket, so I flew round trip to Indonesia and went surfing for a month.

The most expensive part about traveling is typically the travel itself. If you could cut that cost out of the equation would that dream trip of yours be within reach?

I want to help you get there. I want to help you navigate the designed-to-be confusing treacherous waters of the credit card bonus miles system.  I’ve laid it out as clear as possible; I even throw out a few credit card recommendations to get you started. It’s addicting to build the miles, and its fun to dream about where you’re going next.

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