Thank You!


Dexter the dog

I’m turning 31 years young next week. Last year about this time I was preparing to leave the country for six months to go on a very loosely planned adventure around South America. I was excited and happy and full of feelings of freedom and anticipation about what each new hour might hold for me.

Those feelings have not gone away.

I’m now back to work with my old company in a similar engineering type roll. Once again I have to get up to an alarm, report to work, review design documents, answer emails, organize meetings and argue with subcontractors all over again.

But it feels different this time.

I’m more engaged, more intrigued and more detached. While producing some of my best work to date I am able to do it in a way that does not leave me stressed out at the end of the day. The trip has given me the awareness that I could live for next to nothing in a tropical paradise, surfing every day. Yet I’ve made the choice to return back to the US and use my mind in a more productive manner. There is a big difference between feeling like you’ve chosen to do something and feeling like you have to do something when you’d rather be doing something else. A year ago I didn’t want to spend one more minute behind a desk, I wanted to leave the country and experience the travel lifestyle immediately.

I got to do it. I lived that dream. And I’m so thankful for everyone who has supported me along the way.

I want take a moment and publicly thank both my mother and father. Without their undying love and support none of this would be possible, even though it took awhile for them to accept the fact that I was leaving the country. They’ve given me everything I have.

I want to thank all my family, especially every single one of my Aunts who seem to be my biggest fans – I get a never-ending supply of support from them every time I post something new to this blog.

To all my friends who let me crash on their couches, drink their beer and invade their lives while I was vagabonding around for a year I am forever thankful for your friendship.

Thanks to all the readers that have found the blog, left comments or wrote me emails. Thank you for that little piece of your time and for reaching out to connect.

It’s taken me 31 years to come to the realization that I want for nothing. I’ve reached a point in my life where I want to dedicate more of myself to giving, and less to receiving. So stay tuned, I’ll be giving you some more great things shortly.

Photo is a picture I took of the an awesome golden retriever, Dexter. I do love dogs but I prefer to have grandparent type relationships with them – you know – weekend visits, freedom to spoil, low cost, etc.