The Top Ten Signs You’ve Been Traveling in South America for Too Long

Rainbow sandals places on a stone steps in Morro De Sao Paulo

Reliable old Rainbow sandals on some beautiful stonework steps. Morro De Sao Paulo, Brazil.

I just hit my 5 month anniversary of travel in South America and to  commemorate this momentous occasion I have put together the following list of signs that you have been travelling in SA for too long. If you’ve been there, I hope this strikes a chord!

10. The results from your blood test show you are 50% chicken, 25% beans and 25% rice.

9. You’re relieved to hear the bus ride is only 24 hours long.

8. No condiment packaging can stop you.

7. You’ve mastered the fine arts of Spanglish, Portuñol, and arm waving.

6. The restroom paper waste ALWAYS ends up in the bin.

5. You’ve been shocked so many times by the shower head you don’t bother to change the temperature anymore.

4. You enjoy Frenet.

3. It now feels weird to go to a club anytime before 2AM.

2. You’ve eaten a ham and cheese sandwhich for breakfast over 45 times.

1. You’ve hang glided over Rio, biked down the Death Road, ridden on the back of motorcycle taxis, hiked for days through the jungle and gone on a tour of the silver mines in Bolivia but street meat still scares you.

Do you have any more? Respond in the comments!


  • dad

    that was a good one brandon

  • dad

    those were pretty funny dad

  • dad

    whats a frenent? dad

    • Brandon

      It’s an Argentinian alchohol, tastes like strong medication.

  • John Cronan

    Brandon in Panama “Street Meat” was called “meat on the stick” and never a problem. We didn’t know if we were getting beef, horse, cat, dog or possum. It was always good but there was that little doubt in the back of your mind. Loved the top 10. Uncle John

  • I just recently returned from an extended stay in South America too. I can totally relate to the “it’s only 24 hours!” thing.

    Also, the drink is spelled Fernet. It was originally used as a digestive in Italy, taken after meals. Pretty good with coke, no?

    Best of luck on your trip!