Why I Travel and Why You Should Too

Brandon at the Beach, standing on a stack of square rocks, looking out over the sea, with a Brazilian flag draped over his shoulders.

Deep in thought, loving the ocean, loving travel.

“The important thing to remember, is that this simulation is a good one. It’s believable, it’s tactile. You can reach out, things are solid. You can move objects from one area to another. You can feel your body – you can say I’d like to go over to this location and you can move this mass of molecules, through the air, over to another location, at will. That’s something you live inside of every day.” – Reggie Watts (watch video¬†here)

I travel for adventure. To get away, to escape, to avoid being trapped. I travel to battle complacency and boredom, to never give up. I travel to remind myself that the life I may think I want at home is but a construct, an illusion of the mind imprinted there by living in one place too long. There are other, equally valid ways of living. I travel to expose myself to other cultures, other ways of life. I travel to understand the world from the ground level – not to see it from 30,000 feet or to watch it in condensed form on cable television, or to read about it in other travel blogs. I travel to meet new people, to expand my network. I travel to improve my creativity, to be influenced and to influence.

I travel to surf, hike, swim, dive, snorkel, ride, run, dance, meet, talk, sleep, rest, kiss, laugh, explore, watch, photograph and share. There is a little something for everyone on the road. Adventure can be found anywhere – even a walk to the drugstore in a new city brings a sense of excitement, something you’ll never find from the comfort home.

I travel to bring awareness to assumptions – that life need not follow the steps A, B, C…. birth, school, career, marriage, home ownership, children, retirement, death. There is nothing evil or wrong with these steps but realize they don’t leave much room for adventure. We must push beyond the limits of comfort to find true happiness. We are truly free to follow dreams – you need only make the decision to do so.

I’m currently in Sao Paulo, Brazil, headed to Ilha Grande on Monday morning. I’ll spend the week there on some remote, quiet beaches before heading to Rio, then on to Salvador for Carnival. The people here in Brazil have been incredibly kind, energetic and genuine – I’m really enjoying my time here. It’s a new struggle not being able to speak the language, but I am slowly learning some things (oi – hello, desculpe – sorry, obrigado – thank you). Also, after 4 months of solo backpacking I just picked up a friend from the U.S. on Wednesday, so I’m no longer traveling alone (for the time being). It’s a new and different experience, but one that I am enjoying immensely. Stay tuned for more about Brazil.


  • Mom

    Wonderful blog and am enjoying all your expieriences,vicariously. I understand wanting to escape and find adventure. I also don’t regret one moment of my life. My life planted at home often came with challenges and adventure with my family and deep friendships. I often found interesting perspective thru the eyes of my children. When you are single you never think about having children. When you are blessed to have them life is rich beyond measure….Loving you…Mom

  • Auntie

    Brandon, you continue to amaze and entertain us with you most excellent adventure and your most excellent ability to tell your stories! We love reading your postings…please don’t stop! Aunt Celia and Uncle Gary

  • Satish

    Who joined you in Brasil?

    • Brandon


  • John

    Very inspiring and true stuff.

  • Brandon Cronan

    Chris, thanks for reading. I have written about the dangers of travel, most notably here: http://lifereengineeredblog.com/2012/getting-mugged-in-colombia-valuable-lessons-from-the-road/. But I think it’s important to realize that dangers abound in all parts of the world. Every city you go to has dangerous parts that are to be avoided. Most places on Earth have dangerous animals and insects. For example, where I’m from in California we have the Brown Recluse Spider, the Black Widow, Rattlesnakes and Great White Sharks. Driving is dangerous. Not chewing your food well enough is dangerous. I think a healthy level of worry about the dangers of travel is warranted but that our view of the world is typically tainted by the sensationalist media. I think when seeking advice about travel to another country the only opinions you should seek are those from people that have either been to the other country or are from there.

  • Alex

    Very exciting stuff, its awesome to be able to share this journey with you. Slowly working through all of your blog posts!