The Dogs of South America

“Human cranial capacity has actually decreased by at least ten percent since the beginning of the Holocene period, approximately ten thousand years ago. While some of the reduction in size can be ascribed to the efficiency of the cerebral folds, archaeologist and anthropologist Dr. Colin Groves, from the Australian National University in Canberra, believes this reduction may also be the result of the strengthening of the relationship between man and … Continue reading

Reflections on 2013 – The Keys to a Great Travel Year

This is the time of year where bloggers across the internet are taking a crack at the softball of all blog posts – their reflections on the previous year. Although ubiquitous, I can see the value in a post like this. Sometimes we get so lost in the here-and-now we can forget where we’ve been. I’ll admit before I wrote this post I forgot about how much cool stuff I … Continue reading

La Ciudad Perdida – Getting Lost on the Way to The Lost City

View of the remains of the Lost City, which is a series of flat terraces on the top of a mountain in the Colombian Jungle

I’ve been finding it very difficult to keep up with writing about all the amazing experiences I’ve been having, becuase I’m too busy having amazing experiences. Leaving Panama I sailed through the San Blas islands, arriving in the Colombian port town of Cartegena, which is beautifully maintained, clean, safe and fun as long as you stay within the walls of the old city. After Cartegena I took a small (15 … Continue reading

Whats to Love About Photography?

Me taking a picture of someone taking a picture of me.

I think we take for granted our sense of shared reality. The fact that two people sitting in the car together, with the windows down, will generally agree as to what passes their vision, how the wind feels on their skin, what smells are in the air, and which song is playing on the radio is mind blowing. They may even look into each others eyes and without saying a … Continue reading