Reflections on 2013 – The Keys to a Great Travel Year

This is the time of year where bloggers across the internet are taking a crack at the softball of all blog posts – their reflections on the previous year. Although ubiquitous, I can see the value in a post like this. Sometimes we get so lost in the here-and-now we can forget where we’ve been. I’ll admit before I wrote this post I forgot about how much cool stuff I … Continue reading

Surfing In Indonesia – The Last Leg of My Trip

Confusing, overwhelming, beautiful, friendly, scandalous, wild, free, poor, destroyed, developed, incongruous, dangerous, delicious, annoying, relaxing, inexpensive and Australian. Those are the adjectives that come to mind when I think of Indonesia. Upon your arrival in Bali you will be confused and overwhelmed. Taxi drivers surround you, offering rides. It’s hot and you’re sweaty. The board bag is heavy. My first time there I paid too much for a taxi into … Continue reading