Getting Mugged in Colombia – Valuable Lessons from the Road

Early morning in a courtyard at hostel casa felipe, with lounge chairs and hammocks.

One of my goals with this blog is to convince people that international travel is not only within financial and temporal reach but that it’s also generally safe. It’s truly my belief that if you take proper precautions and stay aware of your surroundings you can travel to places that may seem a bit dangerous. This level of danger adds to the sense of excitement and adventure just like the … Continue reading

La Ciudad Perdida – Getting Lost on the Way to The Lost City

View of the remains of the Lost City, which is a series of flat terraces on the top of a mountain in the Colombian Jungle

I’ve been finding it very difficult to keep up with writing about all the amazing experiences I’ve been having, becuase I’m too busy having amazing experiences. Leaving Panama I sailed through the San Blas islands, arriving in the Colombian port town of Cartegena, which is beautifully maintained, clean, safe and fun as long as you stay within the walls of the old city. After Cartegena I took a small (15 … Continue reading