How Much Does it Cost to Travel Croatia? June 2015 Report

Old Town Hvar in the dying light. Cruise ships are tied together in front of the old town

June was my first full month outside of the U.S.A and I thought you all might be interested in hearing about what it cost for me to live abroad in the beautiful country of Croatia for the month. I’ve provided a snapshot of my Mint budget report for June below so you can see where all my money went. This budget report covers my time traveling from Pula in Istria … Continue reading

The Ultimate Guide to Avoiding the Crowds at Plitvice National Park

No trip to Croatia is complete without a visit to the gem of this country, Plitvice National Park (Pronounced plit-veetz-ah). Situated in the middle of the country near the border of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the park is accessible from most of the major cities as a day trip. It’s a two-hour bus ride from Zadar, Rijeka or Zagreb, so it gets an influx of tourists who decide to visit the … Continue reading

On the Road Again – My Impressions of Zagreb, Croatia

  Travel to Croatia I managed to find a one-way flight from San Francisco to Zagreb, Croatia for 20,000 American Airways points. That’s an efficient use of points, however, I was stuck with a 3-legged itinerary with a long layover in Heathrow. Surprisingly, it wasn’t until I landed in Heathrow and spent the night chatting with an older American couple and two Zimbabwean ladies that it really struck me like … Continue reading