The Inside Scoop on How to Learn to Surf

Barreling Wave on Bluff Beach, Panama

“And then the lightning bolt struck me: surfing is more religious than religion” -Rob Gilley, excerpt from Surfermag article The Church of Yew For the last five weeks of my trip and since returning to the US I’ve been surfing almost daily. I’ve re-fallen in love with the sport after a 5 year hiatus during which time I surfed only a few times each year. Work, family, friends, interest in … Continue reading

Two Little-Known Options that Could Affect Your Trek to Machu Picchu

Dramatic photo of the ruins at Machu Picchu with Waynapicchu mountain shrouded in fog in the background

I had three priorities regarding my trip through South America before leaving the US; to sail from Panama to Cartagena through the San Blas Islands, to visit Machu Picchu and to be somewhere in Brazil for Carnival. I completed the sail trip last month and as of yesterday I can check Machu Picchu off my list as well. Shrouded in fog and mystery Machu Picchu excites the imagination, leaving you … Continue reading