Why I Travel and Why You Should Too

Brandon at the Beach, standing on a stack of square rocks, looking out over the sea, with a Brazilian flag draped over his shoulders.

“The important thing to remember, is that this simulation is a good one. It’s believable, it’s tactile. You can reach out, things are solid. You can move objects from one area to another. You can feel your body – you can say I’d like to go over to this location and you can move this mass of molecules, through the air, over to another location, at will. That’s something you … Continue reading

How to Appreciate Your Day Job – A Tour of a Bolivian Silver Mine

Brandon looking down a silver mine shaft, about to slide down a wooden chute

If you want a kick in the pants to remind you how good you have it with your day job, just take a trip to Potosi, Bolivia, where for $14 USD you can take a 6 hour tour of the silver extraction and processing operation in the surrounding mountains. The tour can be organized through an agency in Potosi (I chose the recommended Koala Tours), and includes a trip to the … Continue reading

How to Appreciate Your Time Home Before Leaving On Your Big Trip

A spider man birthday balloon next to a "We'll miss you" balloon

“There’s no place like home.” – Dorothy, The Wizard of Oz I am so glad that I took the last couple of weeks to hang out with friends and family before embarking on this trip. I have not spent this much time at home since I left for college back in 2001, over 10 years ago. The time with family and friends has been awesome. So great, in fact, that … Continue reading

On Turning 30

Brandon, obviously drunk, in a Giraffe Costume

30 is the new 20. That’s what I’m telling myself. I’m embracing my 30’s, excited for a new chapter in my life and looking forward to experiencing the next 6 months of travel. I estimate that I am 33.3% complete with life as far as aging goes, as I expect to live at least 90 years, so it’s kind of comforting to think that I have 2x the length of … Continue reading

How to Sell (Almost) Everything Before You Travel

A 2002 Toyota Tacoma, Silver in color. View is from the front grill looking into the drivers seat. Truck is parked.

“These individuals have riches just as we say that we ‘have a fever,’ when really the fever has us.” -SENECA (4 B.C. – A.D. 65) “It’s possible to own too much. A man with one watch knows what time it is; a man with two watches is never quite sure.” – Lee Segall It’s time for a reset. I’m going to sell (almost) all my stuff. That which I cannot … Continue reading

Your Digital Backroom

My Great Aunt Gena doing a Swan Dive off the Pedro Miguel Locks in Panama

As a kid it was always cool when rummaging through a grandparents back room, we would come across photos of them in their youth. Sometimes, if we were lucky, the year and the name of the person in the photo would be scribbled on the back. And although the photos were in black and white, faded by exposure and tattered around the edges they had the power to spark imagination of … Continue reading